Today on Blogging With Micheal, my guest Jack Humphrey and 
I will discuss the concept of content curation as a way to make 
your blog more effective at getting traffic by become the authority
for your niche.

You can tune in at 11AM to listen live, or listen whenever it is
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Jack Humphrey is best known for his own show on Fridays,
The Friday Traffic Report, where he talks about what is working 
and what has stopped working in the world of website traffic.

If you want to ask Jack any questions, you will have to tune in live.

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Micheal Savoie

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Yesterday I sent you an email about the launch of

By the looks of it, many of you took action as we added
almost 1000 new members in the first day..

Here is why…

It’s not based on hype… I hate hype, it never creates a
sustainable business EVER.

GVO, a multi million dollar Data Center and Web Hosting
company is the company behind HostThenProfit
And well..

The product they created for the internet marketing and Web Hosting
crowd is unheard of in the industry…

Here is what they are offering for a $1.00 trial and
then only $9.97 per month..
>> 4 domain hosting complete with web host manager
>> a professional auto responder service
>> your very own GVOconference room
>> the best coaching and training at

All for only $9.97 per month!!

Now lets compare that in the marketplace
>> 1 domain hosting at hostgator is $7.16 per month
>> a professional auto responder at aweber is $20.00 per month
>> A gotomeeting conference room is minimum $49.00 a month

So when you add it up it comes to $76.16 per month.

All of that at for $9.97

My good friend Joel Therien, CEO of GVO
announced last week that they are looking and
poised to become the…


pricing model of the internet marketing and mlm community!

Can you see why I am so excited about it!


Now here is the best part.. because they own and operate
their full data center… they can offer what they are offering
at only $9.97 and STILL… pay out an 80% residual commission
in a 4 x 10 forced matrix with a 20% matching check bonus
and a 10% bonus pool!!

That’s why I jumped on board, and so should you!! We are
expecting close to 30 000 members in the first 60 days!


Just visit:

Give the $1.00 trial, complete with a 30 day money back guarantee
a try… you wont be disappointed!!

–Micheal & Yvonne

PS – If $10 a month is too little to pay for your
business, I recommend the Titanium package, with 
more of what you need to make a success out of the

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Jeff Johnson – the Super Affiliate Coach (Underground Training Lab, Traffic Voodoo and much more) who has earned more in one promo than many stock brokers make in a year, reveals even more free training on how to build a responsive and profitable list…

What? Don’t have a list? Watch and discover how easy it is if you do it right!

Here’s How To Get Boatloads Of Free Traffic…

Even If You Are Starting From Complete Scratch.
That’s not even the best part…

These Proven Strategies Can Get You On The First Page Of Google

Within Minutes.

I’m not kidding.

Grab your free video training and PDF downloads here:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You can get great hosting for less than $10 (and we’ll throw in
an autoresponder, video hosting and a 5 seat conference room)!

People are still talking about Autoblogging as though it is an effective business model. Let’s face it. We have all tried it and found it to be lacking. If a human being didn’t at least look at the info to verify that it really does pertain to the topic you are trying to add content to, then you risk looking like a fool!

As you can see by the following blog post, they feel the same way I do about autoblogging!

Autoblogging Software – The Best Auto Blog Generator

Autoblogging Software – The Best Auto Blog Generator I personally do not believe it has a bright future considering the amount of time I waste seeing auto messages, auto blogs, auto tweets, automatic everything. Do you not realize that

Publish Date: 09/01/2011 7:29


While others are still trying to sell you the latest autoblogging programs…

Drive Traffic to Your Website with ‘Web Autoblogging Information

Drive Traffic to Your Website with Web Optimization Angel Pro.(PRWEB) August 23, 2005. today announces the unveiling of

Publish Date: 09/02/2011 8:46

What is the new blog model?

Being the source. The person that everyone goes to for up to the minute info. As people are getting overwhelmed by information overload, the people who can wade through the bullshit and find the nuggets of gold to serve up are going to be the thought leaders in the industry.

Plain and simple.

You become the curator of your niche museum! You locate content that makes people stop and read. You also become the person everyone links to, shares with friends and talks about. This is also known as content curation!

Content Curation Best Practices | Business 2 Community

The proliferation of the Internet has transformed the way we create, publish and distribute content. Think about the pre-Internet era when companies were at the.

Publish Date: 09/01/2011 8:00

Content Curation is the new aggregator.

You accumulate and parse the content, select the top articles, videos and products in this market, publish them to your blog, and you are ready to roll. You become the source, because you publish the sources. It is the win-win of article marketing, because those that publish articles are praying that someone will link to their articles. Those links are authority juice to the search engines, and the funny thing is, when you pass along some of your authority juice to someone, you get a little back yourself, simply because the search engines see that you are not duplicating their content, you are linking to it. So you must be an authority yourself.

Especially when the search engines see that you are aggregating links to one market, and not being a catch-all!

So you want to curate your content by targeting specific keywords, then linking to those articles, blog posts and videos with a little word glue that ties them all together.

I have a plugin that I am using to aggregate content as I am working. But instead of using it as is, I am taking the info I get from it, and dragging it into my Microsoft Live Writer software, and creating my post to look as good as possible before I publish it.

You see, Live Writer is a free program that allows you to format a blog post exactly how you want it to look on your blog, and when you publish it, you are not surprised, because it looks exactly like the post on your desktop. Try doing that with the WordPress Editor on your blog. Nothing frustrates me more than trying to get my post looking just so and then publishing it to find that WordPress decided that some of my code didn’t belong and whole sections of my post are missing or misformatted!

Now you can also have others do this for you, but that defeats the purpose of being the obvious expert, since you aren’t being involved in the actual work. THe coolest part of all this is that it does not take that long to curate a good blog post. You just need the right tools!

Content Curation Best Practices | WordView Editing

Content curation is slowly but surely becoming an integral part of B2B content marketing strategy. Find out how your customers can benefit from it.

Publish Date: 09/02/2011 10:48

You should definitely look into this practice!

Shel Holtz on content curation: Master business communicator, Shel Holtz, ABC, shares with us his views on why content curation is the ´next big thing´ and why we should be paying attention to it right now, whether we are a SoHo consultant or an organizational communicator.  August 19, 2011

This video really hits home…

Mari Smith talked about this way back in January of this year!

8 Ways to Find Great Social Media Content Do you want to know how to find the most valuable social media content? Are you looking for great articles and videos to share with your friends and fans?

Be sure to watch this edition of Social Media Examiner TV with our host Mari Smith. In this episode, Mari introduces you to the concept of curating content and how it can help your business. And Mari also reviews 8 content curation tools to help you find the best information for your business.

Share your feedback, see the show notes and discover how you can be part of a future show below!Here are the content curation tools Mari reviews on this video:

  • #1: Google Alerts – Use Google Alerts to get notifications of your important keywords. Mari also explains how to use Google Alerts for reputation management with vanity searches.
  • #2: Google Reader – Subscribe to blogs in your Google Reader for better social media management.
  • #3: Facebook Friend Lists for Better Facebook News Feeds Get more control over your Facebook news feed with Facebook Friend Lists. Mari shares a great tip on how to make a Facebook Friend List with your favorite fan pages for better content curation thanks to a filtered view of your news feed.
  • #4: Twitter Lists – Mari shares how you can create Twitter Lists to curate information from people who consistently share great content on Twitter.
  • #5: HootSuite – You can use HootSuite with multiple social media profiles to make it easier to share the valuable content you find online.


Mari gives you some great ways to curate content!


What tool did I use?

While Google is a huge helper, it is a pain to copy paste from Google to your blog. WP Simplicity has a content grabber that will bring up videos, articles and products that meet the criteria of your search, and you can pick and choose which posts and videos you want to use. I will be doing a video series to show you how you can use this tool with your live writer so that you do not miss a beat when formatting your posts for a great experience!

Here is a link to WP Simplicity:

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