If you’ve been reading the success stories on the Warrior Forum, then you know that some of the warriors are making a killing as Amazon affiliates. Some of them are churning out tons of websites targeted at specific Amazon products and getting paid quite well for their efforts.
Chances are, if you’ve tried a similar strategy, you’ve quickly discovered the following painful problems:
1. Finding great niches is a lot of work
2. Finding great products is a lot of work
3. Finding great content to build your sites is a chore
4. Turning visitors into buyers is an epic challenge

A “Done for You” Solution…

Wouldn’t it be great if you had preselected great niches, bestselling products to target and killer content ready-to-go?
Well, now you do.


This Warrior Special Offer is priced way below what you would expect for the amount of work you are going to save when you use this content pack! 

Imagine, all the heavy lifting is done for you, the research for niches, the research for products to sell and then the research for content! Check out this affiliate marketing content pack, and if you hurry, you are going to get it for hundreds less than you would pay for having someone else do this for you!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – I think Keith Wellman may have taken this down already, he was worried about the number of PLR licenses he was selling of two of his MOST Successful products!


If it is still there, buy it now!

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When I began with My Blogging School, many of my students had visions of earning affiliate income with their blogs, but we never got to the monetization part of the training. Instead, we covered in detail how to manually set up blogs.

People wanted to know how to make money online with their blogs, so we decided to create a training course for people who don’t want to have to do their blogs manually, but still want to be able to customize their blogs for best SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I saw a lot of products come out recently that have promised blog empires, but they sell you a software program, and then they leave you on your own. Rather than sell you anything, I decided that if you were using one of these products, and just wanted to get the low-down on how to make your blog empire work for you, I could help you out by showing you the what , where, when and how.

What better way to help others, than by allowing a Q & A period in each of my webinars, and then a training period, where we show you how to do the task at hand. We will cover a lot of different areas of blogging, while keeping to the Blueprint we have been using for the last couple years.

I hope you will join us as we help a whole new group of people become super affiliates using blogs to build their empire!

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