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Grab Strategic Blog Traffic now!


Alan Cheng delivers some great traffic generating tips.



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You may have heard about my giveaway that I did in March called March Madness Gifts:


It was very successful, and many of my JV partners went on to do one of their own. We were using a very cool WordPress Plugin to help us with the
giveaway, it is called WPVenture and for a limited time it is being offered as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) for a fraction of the regular price.


Check it out, before the price goes up any more. Also, on the same note, if you want to make your squeeze pages even more impressive to your subscribers, you might want to consider using this Facebook Optin App to make it simple to opt in to your list.


Finally, if you are having trouble making any sales from your list after you have worked so hard getting it built, you might want to read Steve Lorenzo’s
hard hitting ebook: Sexy EMail Secrets…


Watch the video on the page, it has nothing to do with email marketing, but it really drives home a good lesson about words.


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Help the tornado victims while helping yourself get a handle on all of the PLR you have on your hard drive!


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Hiring your first outsource worker is scary.

You are hiring someone you have not met and entrusting them to do something that you need done, but you really do not have the time to verify whether they have done the job or not, yet you have to pay them. This can become a nightmare, so you decide it is much better to just do the work yourself and you continue to be overworked.

But my friend Rachel Rofe has found a way to get tasks done without consuming her life with the problems associated with outsourcing. Without spending hundreds of dollars.

Check out Outsource Army while it is still WSO priced!


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